Who We Are

Winn Park Historic District Background


The District is primarily residential with a variety of architectural styles reflecting the residential evolution of Sacramento from the late 19th Century to the 1940’s. The defining features of the District reflect the growth of a strong middle class. Architectural styles extend from late Queen Anne through Colonial and Classical Revival themes.

A Changing Historic Landscape: 

The District was formed in the 1990;s and since then more structures have become eligible for historic designation including Mid-Century architecture, including the Sacramento Bee and several mid-century multi-unit buildings. An updated Survey is needed to recognize these resources.  

Mission and Vision

A safe and beautiful neighborhood: The Association's mission is to preserve its human scale and high quality of life. Taking the best of the past and mixing with the present in the form of innovative design to create functional living and working spaces. And ensure new buildings and are in-scale and their uses complement the existing historic district. 

Guiding Principles

Beauty and Balance in our backyards;  Call us BIMBY's. The term NIMBY (not in my backyard) is NOT what we stand for. We stand for balanced and beautiful design that complements our neighborhood.   The District demands quality design in scale with the District, and infill standards tailored to the District. We promote right-sized sustainable change that does not disrupt the quality of life.

Our Values

Beautiful design - that complements the high-quality historic buildings in the District

Complementary uses that enhance neighborhood safety

Balanced design - innovation in scale with the surrounding buildings; where aesthetics matter

Maintain a human scale of building height and proportion in the District.

Sustainable growth and change 

Stewardship of treasured historic buildings

Get Involved

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